Far From Grace was founded in 2011 by four local experienced musicians that have a singular goal in mind, make a product that makes people want more. Far From Grace is a high energy rock,pop,country, rap band with all the bells and whistles. The bands major focus is to get away from the traditional cookie cutter band format and play more current hits that keep everyone dancing and asking for more, while remaining so diverse in genre that everybody has something they love to hear.

Andy Scapellino

Take High energy stage presence, a commanding vocal presence, and 20 years of harmonica playing, mix that all up, and that’s Andy. After a few years as lead vocalist for the party band “SGE” and various original projects, Andy moved on to spearhead something totally different, “Drop-z”. The band focused on popular groove driven heavy rock songs. After three years of playing the south Florida scene the band went on hiatus . Andy then went on to form Octane, incorporating some of the Drop-Z attitude while playing many other genres of music as well. Now with Far From Grace Andy is expanding his versatility with a whole new style,Andy’s ability to cover many vocal styles and rip it up on the harp has given him the ability to hit you with everything but the kitchen sink. Come check Andy out at the next Far From Grace show.

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